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I am an avid transport ticket collector and am always on the lookout for unusual transport tickets
to add to my collection.

Sydney based, the FirstStopCentral collection aims to cover any or all New South Wales tickets and covers the full gamut of tickets from late 1800's through to present day magnetic strip tickets.

The eventual aim of the collection is to present a web based 'showcase' showing the development of NSW ticketing, the Edmondson tickets and the ever growing modern magnetic stripe ticket era.

My main area of interest lies in the New South Wales Railways / State Rail / RailCorp / CityRail ticketing, but also extends to
NSW Government Tramways and the modern magnetic stripe State Transit Bus tickets.

Shown below are a sample of tickets, both old and new that I am constantly on the lookout for. If you have examples of these or any other unusual tickets that may be of interest, please contact me to discuss further by email:


or leave a voice or text (SMS) message on: 0414 260 319


Olympic Volunteer Travelpass
(Photo of ticket from RailCorp 'Ticket to Ride' Exhibition)

These tickets were handed out to volunteers taking part in the Sydney 2000 Olympics
and Paralympic Games (the tickets have the same front design but vary in the valid dates
on the reverse of the ticket). If you have one laying around, please contact me as I
am very keen to add one of these tickets to my collection.

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MaritimeLink Ticket
(Photo of ticket from RailCorp 'Ticket to Ride' Exhibition)

A somewhat unusual cardboard ticket (no magnetic stripe) providing travel to and from Town Hall
station and entry to the Australian National Maritime Museum (which is free anyway!). It is not known how many
or for how long these tickets were used. Do you have one?

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Link EntryLink Entry
(Photos of tickets from RailCorp 'Ticket to Ride' Exhibition (left) and FirstStopCentral collection(right))

Whilst used for a variety of events and venues (Football / AFL, Taronga Zoo, etc) these tickets are not that common.
The pink ticket at left is an early version and was later replaced by a series of green designs one of which is shown
on the right. Do you have a ticket like this left over from a trip to the Zoo or to the football?

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Metal Season Tickets
(Photo of tickets from RailCorp Collection)

Reasonably common till their demise in 1976, these metal yearly tickets (or 'season tickets' as they were called)
came in a wide variety of shapes, colours, codes, notches and cutouts, all meant to enable the eagle-eyed ticket collectors
at the station barriers to recognise valid (and invalid) tickets at a glance. Many still have these tucked away in drawers.
Eagerly sought after by collectors, please contact me for further details if you have one or more of these gems.

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ESR Tickets
(Photo of tickets from FirstStopCentral collection)

The first magnetic stripe tickets on the NSW Railway System were introduced in 1979 with the opening
of the Eastern Suburbs Railway (ESR). A wide range of colourful tickets were produced over a period
of 8 or 9 years before the system fell into disuse and was replaced in 1993 by the current ticketing system.
Shown above is only a selection of the many designs that existed, from Single trip tickets through to
10 (and 12) trip reusable tickets and Quarterly and Yearly tickets. I would be happy to hear from
anybody who may have one or more of the tickets tucked away as I am keen to document this
unique and important era of tickets

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Once again, please contact me using the details shown at the top of the page if you have any of the tickets displayed or any others that you think may be of interest, as I am most happy to discuss things further and cover all reasonable costs.

Thanks again for looking...